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If you’re looking for an experience that will make your adrenaline flow, then look no further than Riverworks, located in Buffalo, New York. This large-scale entertainment complex sits along the Buffalo Riverworks and has something to offer everyone: live music concerts by top talent in various genres; kayaking opportunities with different levels available so beginners can learn how too. There are also roller derby matches shown on screens all around town while users indulge their curiosity about what goes into making craft beer at this facility—it features taps from local breweries and ones Down Under, which is known worldwide.
Pricing Provided by Dumpster Rental Enterprises
You’ll feel like you are in a giant beer commercial when scaling the Historic Grain Silos of Buffalo’s Industrial District. The silos have been painted to look like cans from Labatt Blue, and they’re nicknamed “The Six Pack.” If it is indeed your lucky day, go ahead and zipline across 110 feet over this expansive garden while marveling at all kinds of murals on both sides. The zipline is back in business. Once you’ve conquered your fear of heights, you can go to the cereal beer brewery for a brew that tastes like Froot Loops.
Riverworks is the city’s newest premier waterfront, boating, and sports destination located along the banks of the Buffalo River. The area has a true gem with scenic views that can’t be found anywhere else in Western New York. You’ll find skating every day; whether it’s during lunchtime or after work – we’ve got you covered all day long (and night). There are also multiple ice surfaces for hockey games throughout the winter months, so if speed isn’t what matters most, then take some time out on one of our lovely warm summer days to play hacky sack instead.
The Ward is a great place to go if you’re looking for some quality time with friends and family. This restaurant has both indoor seatings and outdoor tables, so there’s always room in this spot. The staff here really strives to provide excellent food while keeping prices reasonable – even by local standards (which means they won’t break your wallet). They offer everything from wings and burgers all the way up through chicken pot pie-style dinners.

Take a fear of heights experience like no other with their two-level urban high ropes course. If you conquer the first level, then head up to the top course and zip line across town. Rain or shine, they’re open 24 hours per day, so there’s always time for fun activities that will last about 1 hour each – do not miss out on this adrenaline-packed adventure today by making reservations at least two days ahead of your visit date.
The Buffalo Transportation Pierce-Arrow Museum

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