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Whether you’re looking for an adventure at Canalside, some family time with friends or just want to relax on one of our many beaches – there’s something here that will suit everyone. Canalside is a wonderful place to visit in the heart of Buffalo, NY area. The site features great views and plenty for visitors to do, whether they’re looking forward or wishing back at everything that has come before them while exploring this historic cityscape with its iconic bridges over waterways like Lake Erie.
The first major private development in Canalside was the renovation of an office building that had previously served as home for many state departments. The project consisted primarily of hotel and restaurant space but also included new exhibition halls designed by renowned architect Frank Gehry which opened in 2004.
Pricing Provided by Dumpster Rental Enterprises
When the Buffalo Sabres hockey team moved, they needed a new home. What residents once saw as an old ruin of a warehouse is now one of Buffalo’s most expensive buildings ever built- costing well over 100 million dollars. It’s not only where your favorite players skate but also houses two NHL size rinks that can fit up thousands at any time; restaurants galore, so you’ll never go hungry or thirsty while watching them play on TV (they show every game anyways), plus there are even hotel rooms available if traveling fans want to stay overnight during their trip into town – all underneath sprawling ceilings with incredible views right close to the Canalside
Situated at 44 Prime St, Buffalo, NY 14202, Canalside Buffalo is a waterfront area that borders Lake Erie. In this location, residents and visitors have the opportunity to enjoy activities like seeing live music while they’re here for their visit; it’s also great because you can bike ride or take a walk along one of its many paths. On a beautiful Buffalo spring or summer day, it is nearly impossible to find space for yourself that isn’t already taken by the canals. The water here makes all of your worries wash away with its calmness and serenity; you will never want an afternoon without coffee drinks in front of these windows again.

As the weather cools and crisp autumn leaves change color, you can enjoy activities like sailing on pristine waters. If it’s wintertime, there are plenty of opportunities for ice skating or snowshoeing – not just at enjoys but all throughout downtown. When Fall has finally arrived, it usually means more time outdoors hiking through delightful forests while taking advantage of any other seasonal flavors offered by this fantastic region in Upstate New York.
The Buffalo Museum of Science

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