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The Erie Basin Marina is a scenic riverfront park with views of the Buffalo skyline and beautiful canals. The private marina, located next to one of America’s most historic harbors, makes for an appealing getaway destination whether you’re looking for relaxation or want some peace in nature’s embrace. A unique feature about this area is its gardens which offer 63 breathtaking landscapes made up of trees, pavilions, flowers, bushes, and lawns.

What’s more beautiful than Buffalo, New York area on a sunny day? During the summer, this is when you can enjoy exploring and seeing all of these fantastic things, from their glorious garden with flower collections to an award-winning rose garden set against watery backdrops from bobbing yachts in our marina. The marina is such an area, as it often serves as one big vacation for those who live there or come to visit.

The Erie Basin Marina is a beautiful, serene spot in the heart of Buffalo. The large variety of boat docks and gardens make it an ideal place for people who love boats or simply want some peace without being too far away from all that hustle-and-bustle. It’s also home to one public observatory – which offers breathtaking views over both city lights and sees inviting waters right off your doorstep. Erie Basin Marina is located immediately south of the Black Rock Canal and northward into downtown Buffalo. It’s protected by a long brick wall constructed and maintained primarily by the U.S Army Corps Of Engineers.
When the marina was being constructed, it used to be a site of two canals. The first one connected Buffalo’s outer harbor with another body called Erie Basin. This excavation happened between 1848 and 1952, where protection by seawall stones was put up for its duration; these are made out of rocks, wood, or gravel too.

The first time a steamer was stolen from this location was back in 1900. Two tugboats pulled up to the Columbia, which at that point had been loading coal ore onto cars for days on end with no problem until they demanded payment from its captain—who just so happened also happen to be aboard. He refused their request, but it didn’t matter because, before long, both boats were pulling away proudly carrying what rightfully belonged to them: The theft of another vessel’s cargo. Constructed in the 1950s and completed by 1974, this structure has been compared to a unique fingerprint for its shape, which is reminiscent of a buffalo. The Erie Basin Marina’s construction began with Bethlehem Steel Company slag from their manufacturing plant before being filled up top-to-bottom using Republic commonplace steel ingots – giving it all-purpose as one big island along our beautiful lakeshore.
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