Explorations V Children’s Museum

The Explorations V Children’s Museum is dedicated to making children feel like they’ve found their own world. With interactive exhibits that encourage hands-on STEM learning, this place will leave your little one excited about science.

The Explorations V Children’s Museum is dedicated to putting children first in all things. It features interactive exhibits that encourage exploration and creative play areas where they can make up their own stories or learn about science without even knowing it’s happening! The best part? This place has tons of cool stuff going on for both younger siblings who are still learning how everything works and older ones, too, because let’s face facts: sometimes you need some time away from the screens.

Instead of just visiting a museum with your kids, why not take them on an adventure at the Explorations V Children’s Museum? The interactive exhibits and fun-filled play areas will keep their minds active while they explore new things.

At the Explorations V Children’s Museum, young ones will explore their world through all five senses. They’ll learn about arts and sciences in a hands-on way that is full of creativity–and it doesn’t hurt there are some great interactive exhibits too.

Visit and explore the world with your children at The Explorations V Children’s Museum. On the basement floor, you will find an interactive orange grove where kids can learn about different areas in Asia, Australia, Africa, or America by picking oranges and then packing them into bags to be sorted. It doesn’t stop there, though – after sorting through all those juicy goodness-filled fruits until they’re ready for market (and refrigerator), it’s time to head home richly satisfied, knowing what awaits us next on this journey called life.

When you visit the Explorations V Children’s Museum, your child will be able to explore and learn about many different things. On the first floor, they can find more hands-on opportunities with music appreciation in science history, while down below is called “The Tot Spot,” which caters specifically to toddlers.

The Second Floor at the Explorations V Children’s Museum is all about art appreciation with a museum-style gallery full of beautiful and inspiring artwork for children. One entire wall in this room has been set up to allow little visitors an opportunity they never had before: To create their very own pieces that will be showcased on the big screen as well! There are also interactive science components and game rentals from other areas within this facility where you can play anytime during open hours without having any reservations.

Explorations V Children’s Museum’s Address: 109 North Kentucky Avenue, Lakeland, FL 33801-5044, U.S.

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