Gibsonia is an ideal Lakeland neighborhood to live in for those individuals who want the suburban fee while being close to all of the Downtown area action. There are several restaurants and shopping areas close by, and yet it’s still a pretty quiet neighborhood.

Gibsonia is a great community for those seeking a more affordable option. The area’s median real estate price is $214,002, which is less costly than 72.7% of neighborhoods across Florida and 66.8% of all neighborhoods across the U.S. You can find various housing options in Gibsonia, from starter homes to spacious family homes. Besides, the neighborhood is home to numerous businesses and restaurants, making it the perfect neighborhood to call home.

The Gibsonia community is an ideal neighborhood for young families. The average monthly rental price is $1,932, making it more affordable than 57.5% of neighborhoods across Florida. In addition, the area has numerous beautiful parks and schools, making it an excellent place to raise kids.

The beautiful Gibsonia neighborhood is a great place to call home. The area’s real estate options are vast, and there is something for everyone. Small apartments and single-family homes make up the majority of the options in Gibsonia, but there are also a few larger complexes for those who need more space.

This Lakeland neighborhood is occupied mostly by renters. The residences in the Gibsonia community are relatively new, having been constructed between 1970 and 1999. Besides, there are several residences that were constructed after 2000.

Gibsonia is a neighborhood that is well-known for having a high percentage of active military members. If you come to this part of town, you will see military people going about their business, working, and spending time with their families. It’s a great community to reside in if you’re in the military or have someone in your family who is, as it offers a strong sense of community and support.

Many individuals don’t know this, but the Gibsonia neighborhood has more Finnish and Haitian ancestry residents residing in it than nearly any other community across America. In fact, 1.3% of the residents in this Lakeland community have Finnish ancestry, and 1.8% have Haitian ancestry. This is an interesting statistic, and it’s something that makes Gibsonia a unique and special place.

The picturesque Gibsonia community is home to many lower-middle-income residents. This makes it a below-average income neighborhood when compared to the rest of the United States. There are several families who reside in this Lakeland area, and they often struggle to make ends meet. Despite the challenges, the residents of the Gibsonia neighborhood are proud of their neighborhood and enjoy living there.

Christina Woods
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