Griffin is an excellent place to raise a family. With its safe, suburban atmosphere and close proximity to Lakeland’s amenities, it’s no wonder why so many individuals choose to call Griffin home. There are multitudes of nearby parks, playgrounds, and green spaces for kids to play, and the nearby schools are among the best in the area. Besides, Griffin is home to various businesses and restaurants, so there’s always something to do. Griffin is definitely worth considering if you’re eyeing a friendly, all-American community to call home.

The Griffin community is an affluent suburban neighborhood located in the city of Lakeland, FL. The average real estate price in the area is $314,125, which is higher than 45.9% of the communities across Florida and 54.7% across the United States. The neighborhood is home to many upscale shops and restaurants, as well as a variety of different recreational activities. Residents of the Griffin community enjoy a high quality of life. The community is also close to a number of different amenities, such as schools, parks, and transportation options.

The cost of living in the Griffin community is quite high, with the average rental price currently sitting at $2,619. In fact, the current average monthly rental cost in Griffin is higher than 76.8% of all neighborhoods across our beautiful state. If you’re considering moving to this Lakeland neighborhood, be prepared to open your wallet wide.

The Griffin community is made up of a diverse mix of home sizes and types. In addition to the medium-sized and small single-family homes, there are also a good number of mobile homes in the area. This gives the neighborhood a very down-to-earth feel and makes it a great place for people who want to be close to nature.

The Griffin neighborhood is a cultural melting pot, with more Puerto Rican (9.3%) and Cuban (2.8%) ancestry people residing there than nearly any other community in America. This vibrant community is home to a rich mix of cultures and traditions, and its residents are proud of their unique heritage. Whether you’re eyeing authentic Latin cuisine or lively nightlife, the Griffin neighborhood has something for everyone.

Middle-income earners are more prevalent in the Griffin neighborhood of Lakeland than in most other neighborhoods across America. In fact, this neighborhood has a higher income than 55.4% of all other neighborhoods across the United States. Those individuals who live here enjoy a moderate standard of living, with access to multiple amenities and quality services that make life comfortable and convenient.

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