Hollis Garden

The Hollis Garden is a beautiful 1.2-acre botanical garden in the heart of the city. This serene garden is open to the public and free to visit, making it among the best things to do in Lakeland, Florida. The garden is home to a vast array of plant life, including everything from colorful flowers to towering trees. Visitors can admire the garden’s natural beauty and take in its peaceful atmosphere. There’s also a playground on-site for kids, making it the perfect destination for a family day out.

Take a break from the hustle and bustles of life to enjoy an oasis in nature at Hollis Garden. This 1.2-acre botanical garden is full of beautiful landscaping, like flower beds decorated with ornamental shrubs or fountains that play music when you walk by them. There are plenty of benches where visitors can sit back while they take it all in during your trip through this tranquil setting filled will rich plant life – don’t forget about public art, too, which adds even more personality to our favorite spots here.

Hollis Garden is an oasis in the middle of bustling city life. With plenty for visitors to enjoy, this garden offers secluded spots and beautiful flowers both near its entrance as well at greater distances away from it.

The lush green grasses make you feel like your presence here has been forgotten while taking refuge under shady trees that provide ample shade against summer heat waves; however public art additions prove there’s always something new around every corner when exploring Hollis’ secret spaces- whether they be fountains or sculptures adorning landscaped gardens.

Hollis Garden has a classical yet tropical feel with its water features surrounded by thickets and orchids. The garden’s main attraction is the stone cave situated along one side, which can be accessed via a boardwalk running throughout it; this ensures visitors get an authentic experience without having to enter any homes nearby.

This beautiful garden’s design includes raised flower beds filled with lush ferns and tropical bushes as well as wildflower seeds for your enjoyment. There are also numerous attractive fountains throughout this wonderful space that make it fun to explore on foot or bike ride through town while soaking up some natural beauty – if you’re looking at things around here.

When you step into the Hollis Garden, your taste buds will be delighted with all of its different flavors and smells. You can enjoy beautiful rose gardens that seem to go on forever or hike through butterfly-filled fields while looking at stunning architectural elements such as an impressive grand staircase, among many other things included in this garden complex.

Hollis Garden’s Address: 702 E Orange St, Lakeland, FL 33801, U.S.

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