Imperial is a great neighborhood for those individuals who desire to live in a suburban area. It is situated in Lakeland, Florida, and has many amenities that residents can take advantage of. In addition, there are numerous nearby parks, recreation areas, schools, and shopping centers.

The Imperial neighborhood is known for being affordable, with a median real estate price of $267,644 – cheaper than 65.0% of Florida communities and 54.7% of all U.S. communities. This makes the community a great option for budget-minded home buyers. In addition, the area offers plenty of amenities, including schools, shopping, and restaurants.

The neighborhood of Imperial is a great community to rent if you’re considering a more affordable option. The average monthly rental price in this Lakeland community is currently $1,768, which is lower than 69.5% of neighborhoods across Florida. This is an excellent area for people on a budget and eyeing a setting with plenty to offer.

The Imperial neighborhood is an excellent location to live if you’re eyeing a single-family home. The area is made up of mostly small to medium-sized homes, and there are numerous apartment complexes and high-rise apartments if that’s what you’re looking for. Besides, the community is conveniently located close to shopping, dining, and entertainment venues.

The Imperial neighborhood has a rich history and culture that is evident in the makeup of its residents. This Lakeland neighborhood is unique and thriving, with a high concentration of French Canadian (4.8%) and Cuban (2.8%) ancestry people. There are multitudes of businesses and cultural attractions that cater to the diverse population, making it a fun and exciting place to live.

The average income in the Imperial neighborhood of Lakeland is below the national average, making it a lower-middle-income area. However, this neighborhood still has an income higher than 29.6% of other U.S. neighborhoods. This makes it a relatively affordable place to live, especially compared to other areas in Lakeland.

As among the best suburban neighborhoods in the city, it’s no surprise that the majority of residents in the Imperial community are employed in high-paying occupations. In addition to the 47.0% of residents who work in executive, management, and professional occupations, 19.2% are employed in clerical, assistant, and tech support occupations. Other residents in this Lakeland neighborhood are hired in manufacturing and laborer occupations (17.0%) and 16.3% in sales and service jobs. Whether they’re working in major sales accounts or fast food restaurants, the residents of this neighborhood are sure to be bringing home a good paycheck.

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