North San Jose

North San Jose is an area of call in San Jose, CA, that has more to offer than just your average suburb. This quiet suburban neighborhood offers easy access for those who live here, with great schools and parks right outside their doors.

The North San Jose community is a luxurious and expensive area. Not only does it have among the highest median house prices in California but also, compared to other neighborhoods around America, this part of town seems rather pricey as well.

The North San Jose community has a median real estate price of $1,086454, which is more costly than 78.7 percent of the communities across California and 95 percent nationwide.

The average rental price currently stands at $4758, and this makes it higher than 93% of all other neighborhoods across California. The rent in this part of town is really high. That said, you get your money’s worth with all these amenities like gyms and pools nearby, plus close access to some great businesses just waiting for exploration on foot or by car.

The North San Jose area is a great place to live if you’re looking for small or medium-sized apartments with something that suits your needs. There are preferences in every price range, from cozy studios all the way up to four-bedroom homes.

The people who reside in the North San Jose community have a variety of housing options. You can find small apartments or large high-rise buildings with several bedrooms and bathrooms to match your needs.

The neighborhood of North San Jose is a diverse and colorful area that has seen both boom times as well as hard-hit ones. The great majority of residential real estate in the North San Jose community is renter occupied. Some homes are old-fashioned, while others have been constructed more recently to resemble modern architecture.

In the North San Jose neighborhood, executives and professionals make up a higher proportion of workers (86.9%) than in most other areas. This implies that there is an abundance or demand for such high-level people, which makes it difficult to find qualified talent elsewhere with such low concentrations found across America.

Wealthy communities like the North San Jose neighborhood are few and far between, which makes it difficult for residents to find a decent place. The cars that drive through this area tend to be luxury brands such as Mercedes-Benz or Audi; however, there are also some BMWs and Lexus.

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