Polk Theatre

The historic Polk Theatre is more than just a movie house. Built nearly 100 years ago, this venue has seen its fair share of Hollywood greatness and currently attracts more than 1M visitors per year with shows ranging from live performances to special events like award dinners or concerts by big names in music. If you want something different but still exciting, then head on down for some entertainment at The Polk Theatre; they guarantee that no matter what kind it may be – you won’t regret your choice.

The Polk Theatre is a beautiful movie theatre with seating for over 1000 people and an impeccably sculpted dome that impersonates the idea of stars in space. The breathtaking craftsmanship of its architecture sweeps you back to when theatres were first introduced, as well as Victorian-era times when architects would spend years on one project just so they could create something truly incredible like this building’s design.

The Polk Theatre is a famous venue for opera and Broadway shows, but it also screens classic films from overseas countries in addition to hosting many foreign film festivals.

Whether you’re eyeing a great show or just want to catch up on your favorite TV show, there’s no better place than The Polk Theatre. With opera and Broadway shows as well as classic films from all over the world, we have what will suit any fare.

The Polk Theatre has been a part of the cultural landscape for over 80 years. The theatre dates back to 1928, and it’s no surprise that this historic landmark received a listing on the US National Register of Historic Places as well! You’ll be able to explore 1,400 seats with beautiful antique elements such as cushioned harms in between each row or box seat; there truly isn’t anything else like seeing an event at home instead of being seated next door neighbor who is spilling their drink all over you (yes we know how common these events are).

With a selection of movies that are perfect for any mood, the Polk Theatre is one location not to be missed in Lakeland, FL area. With an amazing courtyard and balconies filled with flowers or where you can enjoy your favorite drinks while soaking up some sun before catching another show at their theatre–this venue really has it all.

The historic Polk Theatre is a beloved landmark in this city, supported by both its Performing Arts Series and feature film showings. Local theaters rent it out for their productions which also contributes to the theatre’s revenue stream! You can catch classics like Mary Poppins Sing-A-Long or interactive theater performances acted out alongside screenings of your favorite films here—including The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Polk Theatre’s Address: 121 Florida Ave S, Lakeland, FL 33801, U.S.

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