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The Buffalo Museum of Science is home to over 200 hands-on interactive exhibits that explore the science behind our world. From animals and astronomy to technology in its many forms (from electronics all way up through space exploration), there’s something at this museum for everyone. The Buffalo Museum of Science is the perfect place for all ages to learn and explore. With interactive exhibits, hands-on lab projects, classrooms filled with inquiry-based learning opportunities. A visit here will help your child build critical thinking skills while they have fun exploring new information about science through our amazing collection – wait until you see it first hand at MLK Jr park next door.

Pricing Provided by Dumpster Rental Enterprises
The Buffalo Museum of Science is a museum located in the northeast U.S., home to over 100 interactive exhibits and two floors worth. It’s not just an ordinary place; it provides an experience like no other–filled with fun facts about science, both old fashioned-like watercooler talk or current trending topics such as climate change that will engage visitors young and adults alike who come here for their educational value from learning everything there is know about our world today.
The historic building was designed by an architecture team that included August Esenwein and James A Johnson. It opened on January 19, 1929, with exhibits showcasing animals and astronomy; the science of technology; additional sciences topics like medicine or psychology–the whole range. Explore You is a new, state-of-the-art health studio that opened in March 2012. The interactive exhibit gives you a hands-on approach to your well-being by exploring topics such as healthy choices and body systems; explore how they apply throughout our bodies from head-to-foot with exciting experiments designed especially for children. This innovative space was sponsored primarily due to independent health insurance companies who believe knowledge should never stop coming no matter what age group it refers to – so don’t be afraid of some things that might seem extremely adult-related because there’s always something fun nearby anything else.

The Rethink Extinct Science Studio opened its doors in March of 2015 as a remodel to the previous gallery. This exhibit in this museum focuses on all aspects of extinction throughout history, including present-day extinctions and endangered plants and animals. The new space is more than just an expanded display case for bones or artwork; it provides insight into how we got here through paleontology displays that help tell our story during installations like “On The survival Of” Other science museums include the Buffalo in Space Science Studio (opened 2017), Artifacts Science Lab-a place for children to learn about their world around them through hands-on activities and experiments that teach curiosity; In Motion -homegrown education center focusing primarily on climate change awareness but also offers other courses like recycle bin building which was made popular by Mayor Michael Bzdyra during his term as mayor.
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