The Buffalo Transportation Pierce-Arrow Museum

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The Buffalo Transportation Pierce-Arrow Museum stands as a historic reminder that pays homage to the rich history of Western New York’s transportation system. The museum, located at an iconic location on Seneca Street and Michigan Avenue, has displays that tell stories from ferryboat engines through automobiles with proceeds benefiting children in need across our region. The museum is an extensive collection of transportation memorabilia, historical artifacts, and vintage vehicles. It features one particular car that dates back to 1903, when American engineer Pierce Stanhope first patented it.
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Jim Sandoro’s love of cars started when he was just a boy, and it never stopped there. The museum founder spent his life trying to learn more about Pierce-Arrow vehicles so that they might be better understood by future generations who would neither have nor need any connection with the company which produced them – but still want an understanding of what these things looked like or sounded like. Jim Sandoro’s love of cars began as a boy when he would sneak into his neighbors’ garage and explore the Pierce-Arrow. He collected anything related, which is how you get someone so passionate about these types of vehicles. Later in life, this led him down many roads, including exploring what remained from one great company – but there are always more things out there waiting for us.

After the founders’ success with The Buffalo Transportation Pierce-Arrow Museum, they founded another nonprofit organization in 1997. This one is dedicated to preserving transportation history by housing its collections within several downtown buildings that once comprised a Mack Truck showroom and repair shop. The car enthusiast’s dream come true awaits you at this museum. The collection represents a passion spanning more than 45 years. It includes many automobiles that were once produced in Buffalo, NY – considered by enthusiasts to be one of the unique collections around.

Visitors to the museum can enjoy a guided tour of its impressive collection that is rich in history and unique architecture. A replica built just for this reason houses one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s designs never implemented – The Buffalo Filling Station. Come to the museum and be reminded that Buffalo was once an influential city of industry, producing outstanding vehicles. The museum’s mission is to preserve this legacy by showcasing its history through these great pieces of work.

The vehicles and memorabilia on display represent only a small segment of the full collection. The museum will be expanding its footprint into space that more than doubles. The new section has so much variety, and it’s hard not to find something you like.
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