Willow Glen East

Willow Glen East is a beautiful, suburban community in San Jose, CA area. The close-knit community is home to many families and includes a park and playground, making it perfect for kids. The tree-lined streets and well-maintained homes make for a charming place to live.

In the Willow Glen East neighborhood of San Jose, California you’ll find a meticulously manicured median real estate price that’s more expensive than most other areas in America. The median real estate value for this area sits at $1.531M which makes it more costly than 92.8% of the neighborhoods in California and 98.4% of the neighborhoods in the U.S.

In the Willow Glen East community, renters can expect to pay a higher price than those living elsewhere in California. The average cost for renting is currently $3139 – which makes it more expensive than 65% of other neighborhoods across our great state.

The neighborhood of Willow Glen East is among the most diverse in San Jose. It has everything from single-family homes with small yards to large apartment complexes/high rise apartments that offer more living space for those who need it.

The homes in this San Jose area represent a variety of styles and ages. Many were constructed before World War II, while others more recently arrived from the city or abroad with their families who have scampered here seeking better lives than what was available back home.

The vast majority (more than 60%) is owner-occupied; most residents own their property outright rather than being renters like so many people across America today – a trend that’s particularly evident when you look at how close together these old-timer properties stand scattered throughout Willow Glen East neighborhood.

The people of the beautiful Willow Glen East community are more urban than most. They have refined tastes and cultural inclinations, but they’re not limited by finances or proximity in terms of where to find good things happen – whether it be a fine wine with dinner at one’s favorite restaurant downtown, or shopping for handcrafted jewelry during an afternoon walk.

Those who love the idea of living in a trendy, urban area but want to be able also to enjoy peace and quiet on their weekends will find what they’re looking for right here. In addition, this San Jose neighborhood is a great choice whether you have school-aged kids or not because it has everything that families need: parks filled with play equipment; ample grocery stores catering specifically to those without time during regular business hours.

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