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Western New York has a rich history in the arts, and this museum is one of many to celebrate it. The Burchfield Penney Art Center features works from various well-known artists like American watercolorist Charles E., who was born here. The Burchfield Penney Art Cente is a museum dedicated exclusively to the art and artists of Western New York. The center hosts more than 30 major exhibitions per year, featuring works by various famous painters.
The museum offers a variety of educational programs and learning opportunities for the community in all forms, from outreach to workshops. They have partnerships with various organizations, including schools that offer classes on art history or architecture; they also collaborate one-on-one when possible.
Pricing Provided by Dumpster Rental Enterprises
Head to the Burchfield Penney Art Center for some delicious date ideas. The museum’s inviting café serves up a tempting menu that includes homemade soups, sandwiches and desserts, and beer or wine with an option of brunch on Saturdays. It has accessibility features so all can enjoy it no matter their needs – whether they’re in wheelchairs themselves or taking care of others who cannot walk too far without assistance from someone else. The museum’s inviting café serves up soup and sandwich calories alongside wine, beer, or sake cocktails (perfect if you’re not big on drinking). There are even sweaters available from their closable shop if it gets too cold out.
The Charles E. Burchfield Center Museum was named in honor of one of the most renowned American painters, who also happened to be an inaugural inductee into The National Academy Of Arts And Sciences. It held its official opening ceremonies on 9 December 1966 with none other than Mr. Burchfield himself present at this momentous occasion for both him and our museum–the first-ever explicitly created about artworks rather than human beings themselves (a distinction which has continued since then). However, one month later, Burchfield died unexpectedly just before the noon hour, less than two months after its inception date.
The Burchfield Penney Art Center’s new home is a beautiful location with plenty of space for visitors. This museum was designed by Gwathmey Siegel and Associates Architects, responsible for creating an impressive building that will make your jaw drop when you see it up close.

The Burchfield Museum of Art is dedicated to showcasing the city’s artistic legacy with a collection spanning the late 19th century through today. The permanent exhibit features over 150 works by this famous local artist and other archives that are essential for understanding his art and how he lived life. This museum stands out because it has more than 18 exhibits each year, making up almost half its total displays – making them one-in-five museums devoted solely to Buffalos’ arts scene.
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