Evergreen is a beautiful urban neighborhood situated in San Jose, California area. The area is well-known for its diversity, and it offers residents a wide variety of cultural experiences. There are multiple different restaurants and businesses in the area, and it is a great neighborhood to reside in if you desire to be close to the action.

The Evergreen neighborhood is among the most expensive neighborhoods to reside in San Jose, California. The median real estate price here ($1,068 564) exceeds that of 79.6% of the neighborhoods across California and 95.5% of the neighborhoods across the United States.

The cost of renting in this San Jose area is significantly higher than in other neighborhoods. For example, the average rental price for an apartment or house is $5,559 per month –  higher than 97.7 percent of the neighborhoods across California.

The Evergreen community is a perfect neighborhood to call home if you’re considering something between city life and country simplicity. You’ll find that its real estate has everything from three-bedroom homes to large four+ bedrooms properties all the way up through five or more person accommodations. The people in this San Jose area are committed to staying productive and harmonious. They value family-friendly living, which is why there’s so much space for kids.

The Evergreen neighborhood is a perfect example of how modern homeowners can enjoy their property without sacrificing character. In the Evergreen neighborhood, you will find a mix of old and new. While many homes have been around for decades, it’s also easy to spot those built within recent years as well.

The current vacancy rate in the Evergreen community is 1.2%, which means that there are lower rates of available housing than 91% of neighborhoods across America. The city’s current vacancy rate makes it tough to find an available property, but there is still demand because supply isn’t meeting up with this need at all.

The beautiful neighborhood of Evergreen is an excellent choice for college students. Its walkability and safety make it ideal during semesters or school breaks when you’ll notice that excitement here fluctuates with the seasons depending on if there are football games being played nearby.

It has excellent safety from crime, walkability (that means it’s very easy to get around), and above-average amenities like shopping centers with stores nearby so that your study break doesn’t feel too short on entertainment options when need be – especially during those boring semesters between classes.

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