Fox Town / Orangedale

The suburban neighborhood of Fox Town / Orangedale is situated in Lakeland, Florida area. This suburban neighborhood is perfect for those who are eyeing a quiet and safe community to live in. The residents in this Lakeland community are friendly and always willing to lend a helping hand.

Fox Town / Orangedale is a luxurious neighborhood perfect for those eyeing something a little more upscale. The median real estate price in this Lakeland area is $335,177, which is more costly than 50.8% of the communities across Florida and 57.8% of the communities across the United States. This Lakeland neighborhood is full of beautiful homes and tree-lined streets, and it’s one of the most desirable areas in Tampa Bay. In case you’re seeking a place to call home, Fox Town / Orangedale is definitely worth considering.

The Fox Town / Orangedale community is known for its high rental prices. In fact, the average monthly rental cost ($2,667) in this Lakeland neighborhood is higher than 78.8% of the communities across Florida. If you’re eyeing a place to reside and want to stay within budget, you may want to consider looking elsewhere.

The community of Fox Town / Orangedale is a great place to reside for families with children. The medium-sized to large single-family homes and mobile homes are perfect for accommodating a growing family. In addition, the community is situated in a quiet and safe neighborhood, which is ideal for raising children.

Raising a good family is a big responsibility, and you desire to ensure you’re doing it in a safe, nurturing environment. The Fox Town / Orangedale neighborhood is among the best places to do just that. With its excellent public schools, low crime rate, and high rate of home ownership, this Lakeland neighborhood provides everything you need to give your family the best possible chance at success. You’ll be glad you chose Fox Town / Orangedale as your home.

If you’re considering a suburban neighborhood with a rich cultural heritage, Fox Town / Orangedale is the place for you. This Lakeland neighborhood is home to more Romanian and Puerto Rican Americans than nearly any other area in America. In fact, 2.8% of the residents here have Romanian ancestry, and 8.5% have Puerto Rican ancestry.

The neighborhood of Fox Town / Orangedale is an upper-middle income community, making it an above-average income community. This Lakeland neighborhood has a higher income than 66.6% of the communities across America. The residents of Fox Town / Orangedale are largely white-collar professionals who work in the nearby city of Lakeland.

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